The Job

The Job
The job is all about active marketing at prestigious stands which are situated in malls and shopping centers. As opposed to what you have probably heard from other companies- we are extremely concerned about maintaining a respectable image of our firm and the products we sell. We believe in active and energetic trading alongside with politeness and pleasantness. In this way we can create a satisfied, returning costumer base that appreciates the product and the salesperson. The two first days on the job (two short shifts) are the days of training and adaptation. These days are held by the managers, who are our best salespersons and wonderful teachers. The training consists of learning the sales speech, observation and gaining experience. The training days are not paid for, but you also don't pay for the rent during this period (will be explained later). You begin paying the rent only on your first day of work - even if you have arrived a week before the first day. Professional support and guidance will be available throughout your stay in order to constantly improve your achievements.

The Products
We offer a wide range of products that are suited for the different seasons of the year and the different locations. The summer time is a very busy and important period, like the months that precede Christmas. The winter products are very different from the summer products. Our range of products consists of the popular Dead Sea products, fingernail kits, pillows, helicopters and some more surprises coming up…

The salary is based on percentages of your sales and they grow gradually. In other words, up to a certain sum that you have sold on a given day you will be awarded a certain percentage, any sale over that sum will award you a higher percentage. The percentage ranges from 20% to 30% of the total sum. There are set levels that are accustomed to the seasons of the year and there are personal levels that are determined by your personal achievements. On average (calculated from the achievements of workers), realistically speaking, a salesperson earns about 26% of the sales he makes. The salary is paid once in two weeks.

We believe in being close to our workers, rather than in management from a far. For that reason, the transportation is largely carried out by the managers in the company's vehicles. In other cases, the company's vehicles are used by the workers themselves for arrival purposes and the gas is paid by us. For that reason, we highly recommend to arrive with a valid driver's license (lately, the magnetic license became valid internationally, but for now we would advise to acquire also an international driving license that takes 5 minutes to issue in any branch of M.M.S.I. for 12 NIS.) In the rest of cases, you could arrive at the place of work by comfortable and cheap public transportation (busses/ metro). We believe in hard work combined with support, guidance, tolerance and fun. That is the winning formula!