Relevant Information

Rent and Apartments
We provide comfortable and accessorized apartments that are designed to make you feel at home and help you save up as much as possible without unnecessary expenses- a washing machine, cable TV, accessorized kitchen, blankets, heaters and fans. No more than two people in each room, while usually the apartments consist of 3 bedrooms. The rent is about 100 AUD per week and it includes all the expenses: electricity, gas, water and cable. The rent is subtracted from the salary every two weeks (half of the monthly rent).

Cell phones
From our experience, life is much simpler when each worker has his/her own local number-this will also be cheaper while calling to Israel. Israeli cellular providers' tariffs for long distance calls are ridiculously overpriced. An incoming call costs about 6 NIS per minute - same goes for the caller… A local number will allow you to stay in touch in a reasonable price.

We cherish interpersonal communication among our workers, and obviously every cart has a phone, and yet a personal number facilitates rides' coordination and exchange of relevant information on time, interpersonal relations between you and your co-workers and the ability to communicate with us if anything comes up, even if it's not during your shift hours.

OBVIOUSLY we cover fully the expenses of phone calls between you and ourselves. Any cell phone that has a SIMCARD can be 'hacked' = a legal operation that allows the reception of a different SIMCARD (that instills a local number in the local country/cell phone company). The cell phone companies charge 60-70 NIS for the process that takes a few minutes and allows the usage of your original SIM even after the 'hacking'. A local SIMCARD costs around 5 AUD and usually we are able to provide these from previous workers. After that is behind you, you'll be able to load your cell (like a TALK-MAN) for the desirable amount so you would be able to keep track of your expenses.

Initial sum of money that we recommend to bring with you:
We recommend arriving with 500 AUD for starters, so you would have enough money to travel a bit and see where you came to in your first days (that's important) and so you would not be concerned until your first salary is paid: