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The job is all about active marketing at prestigious stands which are situated in malls and shopping centers. As opposed to what you have probably heard from other companies.

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We provide comfortable and accessorized apartments that are designed to make you feel at home and help you save up as much as possible without unnecessary expenses.

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Phone Numbers:
Israel: 03-5613199 | 052-5448956
Australia: 61-325718021
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Welcome to Rose Trading

ROSE TRADING Company is looking for young ambitious minds who want to take part in an extraordinary and challenging experience that pays. ROSE TRADING was founded 5 years ago in the area of Melbourne and its luxurious suburbs. Today, the company spreads out across the vast continent of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc.) and operates in the largest and most prestigious shopping centers and malls across the country, such as: Westfield, Myer etc. .
We are constantly in search of products that are in demand by the Australian public and make sure to update the products on our carts on a yearly basis. The founders of the company are experienced salespersons who had achieved great success in the U.S.A back in the 90's - starting with oil paintings and moving on to promotions of various products in carts. Following their great success in the States, the founders have been looking for a new placewhat they have found is a unique place, that allows personal and cultural growth due to its general development and prosperity. A place that has opened the door for new, promising possibilitieswe believe in anyone and everyone who believes in him/herself. We have learned from our own experience that success in sales (and by success we mean lots of money) does not require any talent or experience in the field- rather it is all about your desire to succeed. Leave the rest to us, you will get all the necessary tools and advice from our most experienced people who started off as salespersons and together with us they advanced and became wonderful managers. So join us and experience the right time in the right place! We're waiting for you